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DA Express, Data Analysis Software for 7820A GC

Agilent DA Express data analysis software is designed to be used exclusively with the 7820A GC. It is integrated into the 7820A software keypad. DA Express is designed to simplify data analysis. It provides data analysis using five simplified screens that focus on only those items required to get answers from gas chromatography. The user will utilize the 7820A GC software keypad to create and save GC methods to the 7820A GC. The 7820A GC can store up to 9 methods. The DA Express software provides the ability to acquire data from up to two channels, integrate that data, build simple calibration curves and quantify results before reporting the data in simple reporting templates. Data and data analysis methods are saved to the computer.

Data Acquisition screen shows chromatogram and integration results – during the chromatographic run.

Calibration screen - offline


Integrated into the 7820A GC software keypad, advantages include:
  • Data analysis based on methods created and saved on a computer
  • Data analysis for up to two 7820A GCs
  • Data analysis functions using only 5 screens
  • Common integration parameters, easy-to-build calibration tables, and basic report options
  • The software keypad allows you to create and save GC methods to the 7820A GC