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July 27, 2016

iLab Software can now integrate with Illumina BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, a laboratory information management system, to help researchers accelerate and simplify their workflows. Scientific shared resource facilities will now be able to utilize the iLab core facility management software in tandem with BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, effectively maximizing efficiency while minimizing manual data re-entry.

For shared research facilities, this combination encompasses the entirety of their workflows. Researchers are able to make requests in iLab using custom forms or uploading necessary information about their samples. Once the facility staff agrees to the work in iLab, the necessary sample information is passed to BaseSpace Clarity LIMS to track sample processing through the facility's workflow. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS then pushes project status updates to iLab allowing customers to view progress updates.

Lab administrators are able to report on the services provided in iLab, as well as bill for services directly from within the system. The integrated platforms offer a seamless experience throughout the process, saving time for facility staff to serve their customers.

“We are pleased to offer this integration to our mutual customers,” said Michael Ball, Vice President of Commercial, Enterprise Informatics at Illumina. “Working with [iLab] to develop this integration demonstrates our ongoing commitment to simplify and expedite laboratory workflows.”

With this partnership in place, facilities using both systems will see major advances in efficiency. The two platforms are now able to seamlessly exchange data, eliminating the need to manually re-enter information and allowing users to focus on the science.

"We've been discussing an integration with BaseSpace Clarity LIMS for a long time," said Heather Lorenz, iLab Vice President of Business Development. "It makes a lot of sense to integrate the two systems to better manage a facility's workflow, and we are excited we've worked together to develop this first integration utilizing our APIs."

With iLab handling the business aspects and BaseSpace Clarity LIMS managing the scientific data, core facilities have much to gain from this integration. Those interested in learning more about the partnership are encouraged to contact

Phone: 1.617.297.2805
Toll free: 1.800.690.2957