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January 27, 2016

iLab adds to adds to its product lineup a Storeroom Management module. Storeroom Management brings a host of benefits, particularly for those specializing in inventory resale. This module is specifically designed to help facilities such as stock rooms, scientific stores, cores that produce products, and facilities with procurement groups manage and sell the products that they have either produced internally or procured from outside vendors.

With the iLab Storeroom Management module, any facility selling products can now see serious automation of everyday procedures. Its functionality flexibly supports the myriad workflows that occur during the lifecycle of an order, including order placement, product listing, stock level and reorder management, and distribution tracking. For facilities that produce their own products, the module provides features that support the tracking of critical information, such as dates and titer that can be seamlessly passed on to the customer.

"We're really excited to see this module go live," stated Andreas Hagen, Chief Software Architect. "We've achieved a robust and flexible product by collaborating with a variety of facilities over the past year, including large warehouses that purchase for several distribution sites, down to smaller, specialized facilities that produce all of their own products. We support advanced inventory management, which can be configured at the facility level. We're very proud to be able to offer this new product to current and future customers."

Many benefits of the new module take place behind the scenes. iLab’s robust billing features allow for automated billing, easing transactions for facilities and customers alike. Existing customers can take advantage of financial integrations options, such as credit card integration, allowing for more convenient payment options. Additionally, iLab provides the option for auto-generated vendor purchase orders. Expenditures and past orders are tracked within the system, providing full visibility in purchase history at the facility and institutional levels.

“We love having the ability to locate service center operations for both service related and product related core facilities under a single online system,” stated Brian Tomlinson, Director of Office of Research Services, University of Georgia. “This single location allows the upper administration to access core facility use and sales data from a centralized location and not from a series of departments around campus. Easy access helps the departmental admins to limit overspending grant accounts and the subsequent paperwork that follows.”

Especially for the many core facilities who produce &/or distribute products and supplies, this module comes as a major time-saving asset. Facilities such as stock rooms, supply closets, stores, pharmacies, vector cores, and facilities with procurement groups all benefit from such technology. All together, the features of Storeroom Management significantly reduce the amount of effort required from facility staff while providing a smoother experience for customers.

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