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280FS AA Ordering Details

The 280FS AA Spectrometer combines our world-leading Fast Sequential design with eight lamp capacity and integrated SIPS power supply. It features automatic lamp selection and programmable gas control, integrated SIPS power supply, and UltrAA lamp looms.

280FS AA Spectrometer Bundle

Description Part number Notes
Agilent 280FS AA Spectrometer Bundle G8434AA Includes spectrometer, Desktop PC, monitor, color printer, SpectrAA PRO software, standard Mark 7 spray chamber, Air/Acetylene burner and connecting cables.
Description Part number Notes
Change to Organics Mark 7 spray chamber G8434AA#001 Replaces the standard Mark 7 spray chamber with a Mark 7 spray chamber fitted with organics resistant O-rings.
Change to Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene burner G8434AA#002 Replaces the Air/Acetylene burner with a Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene burner. Cannot be ordered with option #003.
Add Burner - Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene G8434AA#003 Adds a Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene burner to the Air/Acetylene burner supplied with the instrument. Cannot be ordered with option #002.