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TwisTorr FS Family

Vacuum Beyond Specifications

The Agilent TwisTorr FS turbo pump family

TwisTorr FS turbo pump family
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Compact, reliable, and energy-efficient, Agilent TwisTorr FS turbomolecular pumps incorporate breakthrough technologies for best-in-class performance, reliability, and quality.

High-performance, high-vacuum pumps with speeds ranging from 70 L/s to 800 L/s

The latest examples of Agilent’s continuing commitment to technological innovation and evolution across its entire range of vacuum solutions, these newest pumps offer:

  • Superior performance: TwisTorr pumps offer the highest pumping speed in their category for all gases, as well as the highest compression ratios for light gases among commercially available turbomolecular pumps.
  • Quiet, low vibration design: Floating Suspension (FS) ensures low vibration and acoustical noise, and optimal bearing working conditions, for extended operating life and excellent stability over time.
  • Easy system integration: The compact, plug-and-play form operates in any orientation; oil-free design avoids contamination of ancillary equipment, and is retrofittable to almost any application.
  • Agilent quality and reliability: Designed and produced to rigorous Agilent quality standards, proven through exhaustive testing and QC, and backed by dedicated technical support.

How it works: Agilent TwisTorr technology

Agilent TwisTorr technology employs a spinning rotor disk that transfers momentum to gas molecules, through the combined actions of centrifugal and centripetal force. Gas molecules follow the spiral groove design on the stator; the pumping effect is repeated for each of the pump’s TwisTorr stages.

See how it works

Meet the 704 FS

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Meet the 74 FS

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Innovation in pump control

New 3-D software for pump control

  • Optimized performance, maximum flexibility, and extended reliability
  • Dynamic speed and power tuning according to inlet pressure, gas load, and temperature
  • Best performance ensured at every operational condition
See what TwisTorr controllers can do

Service solutions for every situation

At Agilent, we put over 60 years of expertise in vacuum service behind our innovative turbo pump family.
Our TwisTorr turbo pump support strategy covers:


Our Advance Exchange Program maximizes your uptime and enables you to focus on your business.

  • Refurbished to “as new” specifications
  • Full one year warranty

Quality repair

Specialized repair centers around the globe bring Agilent quality standards closer to you.

  • Certified process and workmanship
  • Genuine Agilent parts
  • Typical turnaround of two weeks

Dedicated solutions

Our technology refresh programs and tailored service plans are designed to protect and secure your investment.