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The Bottom Line: Everything Leaks

A robust and flexible leak test solution is essential for ensuring the integrity of enclosed devices and systems.

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Understanding leak testing is essential...

That's the easy part. But how do you choose the right leak testing solution and ensure you're getting the most out of it? That's where Agilent comes in.

Leak Detection: Practical Considerations

The Real Costs of Undetected Leaks

From down time to product yield to warranty and liability expenses, leaks cost money.

Examples of real costs

Finding Leaks and Assessing Their Impact

How do I know my leak test process is working? Is helium leak detection complicated?

About helium leak detection

Making Leak Detection Work for You

How do I set up my leak detection process? What factors do I need to consider?

What you need to know

Clearing the Air: Popular Misconceptions About Leak Detection

"Pumping Speed Means Everything"

Pumping speed is a widely cited characteristic of leak detector performance—but do a few tenths of a liter per second really matter?

Pumping speed in context

"Multiple Mass Detection Means More Flexibility"

It is often suggested that the ability to detect masses other than helium allows flexibility in the trace gas used. But there's more to the story.

The real story

"Quantitative Sniffing"

Sniffing readily enables pass/fail determinations – but avoiding quantitation errors poses significant challenges to sniffer probe operators.

The real challenges

Real-World Examples: Leak Detection in Selected Industries

Vacuum Chambers and Process Systems

Helium leak detection is the ideal solution for determining the vacuum tightness of a large vacuum chamber.

Why helium leak detection is ideal

Sealed Devices

Loss of a hermetic seal may cause oxidation or corrosion of components that are critical to a device's operation.

See examples

Power Plants

A small amount of leakage in a power plant can cause a significant change in efficiency.

The solution

Understanding the Technology

It is true that everything leaks, but what we most often need to know is what kind of leak, where leaks are, or what is the actual total
leak rate of a part or system.

While there is a lot to learn, this 40-minute webinar, Fundamentals of Leak Detection, which you can watch at your own pace, will provide a great start in understanding the requirements, technologies, and methods of precision leak testing.

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Staying Operational

You’ll want to protect your investment so you can be assured that you are maximizing your throughput, producing reliable results with the greatest accuracy and sensitivity, and ensuring your equipment is fully compliant with industry regulations.

And you can be connected with our global network of experienced service professionals dedicated to your success and productivity.

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Getting Started

Learn about Agilent leak
testing solutions