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Instrument Control Program

Instrument Control Program

The Instrument Control Program consists of two components to enable multi-vendor control in Chromatography Data Systems. Instrument Control Framework and RapidControl.NET standardize how Chromatography Data Systems interact with analytical instruments.

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Instrument Control Framework

Instrument Control Framework (ICF), a software layer embedded in non-Agilent CDS platforms, makes it faster and easier to control Agilent liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC) instruments through non-Agilent chromatographic data systems. With Agilent ICF, the operation of your Agilent instrumentation can offer the same world-class instrument control capabilities as in Agilent chromatography data systems. Agilent has developed a robust and popular developer program to supply documentation and support to vendors implementing ICF technology.

ICF benefits:

  • Enables control of new modules or systems as they become available from Agilent
  • Delivers comprehensive user interfaces that seamlessly incorporate most instrument features
  • Supports a variety of Non-Agilent chromatography data systems
  • Supports a variety of Non-Agilent instrumentation
  • Supports Agilent LC modules
  • Supports Agilent GC models
  • Over 60 partners are actively using ICF

RapidControl.Net (RC.Net) technology and a generic set of protocols allows instrument vendors to write standardized instrument control drivers. This allows RC.Net drivers to plug into CDS software packages that have utilized the ICF software layer – eliminating the need to write proprietary drivers for each CDS platform. Agilent has developed a robust and popular developer program to supply documentation and support to vendors writing RC.Net drivers or implementing RC.Net technology.

RC.NET benefits:

  • RC.NET allows drivers to be utilized in multiple CDS platforms
  • RC.NET facilitates implementation of drivers for hardware modules independent of the application
  • ICF builds layers on the RC.NET drivers, which aggregate multiple RC.NET drivers, resulting in a combined instrument view
  • Because multiple drivers can be aggregated, and some of the functionality and synchronization tasks are included in the ICF layer, the application adapter layer is lightweight
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Technical Overview

Learn the technical concepts that underlie ICF and RapidControl.NET (RC.NET) instrument drivers.

Instrument Control
Framework for LC

ICF for LC enables LC/CE instrument control in non-Agilent chromatography data systems.

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