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Expand your data storage capabilities - Upgrade to OpenLab ECM XT

Data Management for Your Growing Lab - Upgrade to OpenLab ECM XT

If you're already using OpenLab CDS Client/Server or other networked Agilent data systems, you are managing your Agilent instrument data in a secured data repository.

But if you’re like many labs today, you have instruments and data systems from multiple vendors.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have seamless integration and connectivity to Agilent and non-Agilent data systems, with access to data in a single secure system? Upgrading your server to OpenLab ECM XT can help you accomplish just that by broadening your data storage and management capabilities for all your lab data.

Benefits of upgrading to OpenLab ECM XT
Automate data collection Automate
data collection
Streamline the collection of all lab data
regardless of vendor
  • Automatically capture, organize, and store data from Agilent and
    non-Agilent data systems
  • Review OpenLab CDS data remotely from anywhere
  • Great for long-term data archival; works for any file type
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Automate report filing Automate
report filing
Keep lab reports organized and secure
  • Automatically secure and file reports to reduce time and cost of storage and retrieval
  • Ensure your reports are filed at the time of creation, in your designated location, and are easy to find
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A simple upgrade 

OpenLab ECM XT gives you instant access to new capabilities without expensive consulting engagements. Customers using OpenLab CDS Client/Server can quickly upgrade their server by adding a license and the appropriate components to the existing installation—with minimal to no impact to the current system.

Free license upgrade for SMA customers

For our Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) customers who are interested in renewing, we
are offering free software upgrade and low-cost qualification. Contact your local Agilent sales
representative for more details or to discuss your specific situation and requirements.

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