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SPME Fibers

SPME Fibers

Agilent offers SPME fibers in a range of chemistries, formats, and for use with autosamplers or manual injections. SPME fibers can be used multiple times as long as they are treated with the proper care and caution. Each fiber has a color-coded or notched hub, indicating the type of coating on the fiber.

We are switching to a new SPME fiber with a lower price, see below for updated Part Number information.

7 µm PDMS: 5191-5870
30 µm PDMS: 5191-5871
100 µm PDMS: 5191-5872
65 µm DVB/PDMS: 5191-5873
80 µm DVB/C-WR/PDMS: 5191-5874
95 µm C-WR/PDMS: 5191-5875
85 µm Polyacrylate: 5191-5876
Assorted fiber 1: 5191-5878
Assorted fiber 2: 5191-5879

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