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StrataPrep Plasmid Miniprep Kits

StrataPrep Plasmid Miniprep Kits


StrataPrep Plasmid Miniprep Kits, a rapid, phenol-free method for purifying plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures. Bacteria is first pelleted, lysed, and neutralized. Precleared lysate is then mixed with a DNA binding solution and subjected to microspin. Once bound, the purified DNA is washed, eluted, and ready for use.

Each StrataPrep Plasmid Miniprep Kit is optimized for a specific application for high-efficiency purification. Purified DNA is application-ready in minutes, with no need for aliquoting messy slurries, extracting with phenol, or concentrating the DNA via alcohol precipitations.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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