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qRT-PCR Kits

Real-Time PCR Master Mix Reagents

Master Mixes for Real Time PCR Applications

Learn about Agilent’s range of master mixes for your real time PCR workflows. Our Brilliant Master Mix kits provide high specificity, speed and reproducibility, while the Brilliant HRM Ultra-Fast Loci Mixes enable you to mix-and-go faster with total confidence, even for the most difficult genotypes.  The Brilliant Master Mix kits come with convenient, pre-blended formulations and an enhanced rapid start capability to save time and reduce primer-dimer. The kits include novel, fast Taq mutant for qPCR results in less than 35 minutes. We also offer the Brilliant Master Mixes with ROX in low and high concentrations of ROX reference dye which help increase sensitivity of detection to low copy numbers.

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