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AffinityScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit

AffinityScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit


The Agilent AffinityScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit provides a complete system for fast, high-yield, reliable single-tube RT-PCR. The system features a master mix format which, when combined with robust and rapid cycling conditions, makes it ideal for gene profiling and other high-throughput end-point RT-PCR applications.

Using the kit cDNA is synthesized from total or poly(A)+ RNA. This is carried out using a genetically engineered, highly thermostable version of MMLV RT called AffinityScript reverse transcriptase (RT). In addition, a special enzyme formulation and the kit's optimized buffer system ensure consistent and robust performance when amplifying difficult and GC-rich targets.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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