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Paq5000 DNA Polymerase

Paq5000 DNA Polymerase


Paq5000 is capable of quickly and robustly amplifying up to 6kb genomic DNA targets. With a shortened extension rate of 30 sec/kb and robust yields, Paq5000 is a Taq alternative that can be substituted easily into many Taq-based procedures.

Paq5000 includes the ArchaeMaxx factor, improving the yield of products by overcoming dUTP poisoning, which is caused by dUTP accumulation during PCR through dCTP deamination. Once incorporated, dU-containing DNA inhibits the enzyme and the ArchaeMaxx factor functions as a dUTPase, converting poisonous dUTP to harmless dUMP and inorganic pyrophosphate.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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