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PfuTurbo Cx HotStart DNA Polymerase

PfuTurbo Cx HotStart DNA Polymerase

Agilent PfuTurbo Cx HotStart DNA Polymerase is formulated with a mutant of Pfu DNA polymerase that overcomes uracil stalling completely, allowing the polymerase to read through uracil located in the template strand or incorporated into the extending strand. Since uracil read-through can introduce mutations that adversely impact fidelity, we have engineered the mutant polymerase to increase the level of proofreading activity, thereby reducing the error rate to that of the original PfuTurbo DNA Polymerase.

PfuTurbo Cx HotStart DNA Polymerase improves the overall reliability of high-fidelity PCR and exhibits more robust performance, affording higher product yields from templates of 5 to 10 kb in length as well as from more difficult systems including targets with high GC-content, without sacrificing accuracy. Although most systems amplify successfully without the need for additives, DMSO is used to further enhance yields of long, high-complexity, or GC-rich target sequences.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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