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To access and download the Instructions for Use (IFUs) and supplementary files required for the correct execution of your Amplicon Target Amplification (Multiplicom) products, please enter both your product key-code and mid key-code. You can find the key-codes on the respective box labels.

To access your personal downloads for the QC Plex, please duplicate your key-code in both boxes below.

The international free phone numbers listed in the kit insert and on the cover page of the IFU are no longer operational.

Please contact Agilent Customer Support directly if you wish to obtain a hardcopy of the IFU by using contact details below.

Contact Customer Support by phone: 00800-3453-4600 toll-free #
• UK
• Ireland
• Sweden
• Finland
• Denmark
• Belgium
• Netherlands

For Distributor countries (IDO) : +49 69-8679-7731
When calling your Agilent hotline, please use following options to ensure your inquiry is directed to a trained application specialist speaking your preferred language.
Option 1: English
Option 2: Italian
Option 3: Spanish

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