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JM110 Competent Cells

JM110 Competent Cells


Most E. coli hosts contain both DNA adenine methylation (dam) and DNA cytosine methylation (dcm) genes. These genes code for proteins that methylate specific sequences when DNA is propagated, making subsequent digestion with methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes impossible. The SCS110 strain, lacks both dam and dcm activity. DNA propagated in this strain can be digested by methylation-sensitive enzymes such as Xba I, Cla I and EcoR II.

The JM110 strain is useful for preparing plasmid or phagemid DNA that is free of Dam or Dcm methylation so that the DNA can be restriction digested by one or more methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes. JM110 is deficient for two methylases (Dam and Dcm) found in most strains of E. coli. Dam methylase recognizes the DNA sequence GATC and methylates the adenine residue at the N-6 position, while Dcm methylase recognizes the DNA sequence CCAGG and CCTGG and methylates the internal cytosine at the C-5 position. JM110 cells contain the lacIqZΔM15 gene on the F episome, allowing blue-white screening for recombinant plasmids.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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