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Intereference-Resistant Helper Phage

Intereference-Resistant Helper Phage


Agilent provides a range of Interference-resistant Helper Phages that enable ssDNA recovery from phagemid vectors. The pBlueScript II Phagemid Vector systems are available in R408 and VCSM13 format. R408 Intereference-Resistant Helper Phages are stable and easy to grow, and are provided in a single-strand size of ~4 KB.
The R408 model provides helper phages for the mass excision of ZAP Express libraries, Lambda ZAP, and single-strand rescue protocols. VCSM13 Interference-Resistant Helper Phages are Kanamycin-resistant and feature high rescue efficiencies. Available as single-strand helper phages of size ~6 KB, they are a derivative of M13KO7.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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