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Cary Sipper Flow Cell Pump

The Cary Sipper – Compatible with the Cary 3500

Cary Sipper Flow Cell Pump

The Cary Sipper is an optional accessory for the Cary 3500 UV-Vis spectrophotometer. It includes a novel three-channel pump that fills and rinses up to three flow cells at the same time, reducing the sample measurement time and operator-induced errors associated with manually filling cuvettes.

The Sipper is compatible with both the Compact and Multicell configurations of the Cary 3500 instrument. The Cary UV Workstation software has settings for Sipper fill time, Hold time and Rinse time. You can set these times to suit your sample types. For example, viscous samples may need longer fill and rinse times.

When used with the Cary 3500 Multicell instrument, three samples can be pumped and measured at the same time. This configuration offers the maximum sample throughput and time savings.

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