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miRNA Microarray Kits & Reagents

miRNA Microarray Kits & Reagents.

Discover our high-performance miRNA Microarray Kits & Reagents, including: Labeling, Hybridization, Spike-In, Universal miRNA Reference and Wash Buffer Kits. Agilent’s miRNA Complete Labeling and Hybridization Kit combines a unique miRNA direct labeling method to our innovative microarray probe design for labeling and hybridization of mature miRNAs. The miRNA Spike-In Kit allows researchers to efficiently monitor the microarray workflow for linearity, sensitivity and accuracy. The Wash Buffer Kits are validated for post-hybridization processing for consistently reliable and reproducible results. Additionally, the Universal Human miRNA Reference RNA is an ideal reference control and can be used as an optimization reagent in human miRNA analysis.

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