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1290 Infinity II Preparative Binary Pump

1290 Infinity II Preparative Binary Pump

The 1290 Infinity II Preparative Binary Pump features easy-to-change pump heads and high-pressure mixing, delivering flow rates from 1 to 200 mL/min at up to 600 bar. Seamless scale-up across a broad range of applications is possible with column ids from 4.6 to 50.0 mm. The pump is the solvent delivery module of choice for achieving high-quality HPLC separations in your analytical and preparative-scale purification workflows.

This versatile pump is an upgraded version of the 1260 Infinity II Preparative Binary Pump, engineered for maximum flexibility and ready for any purification challenge. The built-in solvent selection valve expands the application range and allows switching between two different solvents per channel. Automated seal-wash and dual-piston rapid-refill design provide outstanding chromatographic performance for everyday use.

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