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6470B Triple quadrupole LC/MS

6470B Triple quadrupole LC/MS

The Agilent 6470B triple quadrupole mass spectrometer delivers reliable performance and high versatility for commercial, life sciences research, and regulatory applications, for example routine monitoring and testing of PFAS in the environment. Through a large choice of ion sources, your lab can confidently tackle any LC/MS analysis demands. With best-in-class sensitivity, precision, and scan speed, you can afford to use less or diluted sample amounts and still be highly confident in the accuracy of your results.

The 6470B LC/MS/MS instrument employs multiple technological advantages like the Agilent Jet Stream ion source, curved geometry collision cell, and ±20 kV high-energy dynode. These innovations enable you to maximize ionization, minimize instrument downtime, and reach extremely low limits of detection, while achieving wide linear dynamic range. With the addition of VacShield enhancing the system’s proven robustness and reliability, your lab will spend less time on maintenance and gain more uninterrupted productivity.

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