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Revident LC/Q-TOF

Revident LC/Q-TOF and 1290 Infinity II HPLC

Revident LC/Q-TOF

The Revident LC/Q-TOF embodies the next generation of quadrupole time-of-flight instruments featuring truly innovative (electronic) instrument architecture together with instrument intelligence, a novel, ultrafast detector, and an updated, robust calibrant delivery system. Excelling in routine screening, high resolution, accurate-mass quantitation, identification of unknowns, and high-throughput testing, the Revident Q-TOF LC/MS system is ideal for small molecule applications in food safety and environmental analysis, as well as metabolomics, pharmaceutical, and forensic analyses.

Innovative technologies that will increase productivity include intelligent reflex for maximized instrument uptime, scheduled tunes and calibration for optimal performance when you need it, and new acquisition software tailored to different user roles. All new features combined result in higher throughput, which increases the bottom-line financials for your lab.

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