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RapidFire 400

RapidFire 400 - Proven. Rapid. Complete.

RapidFire 400

The RapidFire 400 combines high-speed sampling, ultrafast automated solid phase extraction (SPE), and powerful mass spectrometry data acquisition to deliver results in as little as 2 seconds per sample. Designed for high-throughput laboratories and increased walk-away time, integrated sample handling robotics and support for 1536-well plates provide temperature-controlled access to over 130,000 samples.

RapidFire is fully integrated with many Agilent LC/MS systems, allowing labs to minimize method development with time-of-flight technology, maximize sensitivity with triple quadrupole instruments, or optimize lab space with the Ultivo LC/TQ. Regardless of configuration, the RapidFire 400 builds on over 15 years of innovation to bring reliable high-throughput mass spectrometry to your lab.

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