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Extended PFAS MRM Database for LC/TQ

Easily find PFAS compounds

Extended PFAS MRM Database for LC/TQ

The Agilent PFAS MRM Database for Triple Quadrupole LC/MS is a curated database of more than 140 native and isotopically labeled per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) optimized for environmental applications. For each compound, up to four characteristic MRM transitions, fragmentor voltages, and collision energies plus common name, abbreviation, CAS number, ChemSpider ID, etc. are included.

Quickly build acquisition methods for targeted screening and quantitation using the Agilent PFAS MRM database. Whether creating a new method for a few – or a few dozen – PFAS compounds in a single run, or expanding your existing method, this database allows you to stay current with evolving regulations.

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