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Hybridizer & Accessories

Hybridizer is a hands-free co-denaturation and hybridization instrument designed for slide-based fluorescence (FISH) and chromogenic (CISH) in situ hybridization. The system reduces the manual steps, and improves the efficiency, throughput and precision compared to manually performed conventional ISH procedures. Hybridizer has a 12-slide capacity and heats and cools the slides through two temperature ranges with short ramp times. The system is easy to program for a wide range of protocols and is optimized for our DNA and PNA probes for FISH and CISH.

Hybridizer Humidity Control Strips are specially designed for the Hybridizer instrument, and ensure a controlled high humidity during the in situ hybridization procedure. The strips consist of a special hydrophilic polymer fiber material with high surface area and the ability to quickly adsorb and desorb moisture. The strips should be replaced frequently, every 1-2 weeks, as the performance deteriorates over time and with use.

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