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Gene Expression Microarray Kits & Reagents

Gene Expression Microarray Kits & Reagents

Learn more about our large selection of high performing Gene Expression Microarray Kits & Reagents for your experiments. We offer all the reagents needed to successfully process your microarrays, including RNA isolation, labelling, hybridization, universal reference RNA and RNA Spike-In Kits. We provide a choice of Labeling Kits to enable amplification and labeling of whole transcripts for eukaryote and prokaryote samples, with a low sample input range of 25-100 ng total RNA. Our Gene Expression Hybridization Kits offer consistently more reliable and reproducible microarray results through robust, fluorescently-labeled cRNA hybridization, while the RNA Spike-In Kit allows researchers to efficiently monitor microarray workflow for linearity, sensitivity and accuracy. Read more to discover the right kits and reagents for your arrays.

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