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In-line Gas Purifiers

In-line Gas Purifiers

Agilent inline gas purifiers (traps or filters) remove common contaminates such as oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbons from GC carrier and detector gases. Our GC gas purifiers are available in different sizes and configurations such as combination gas traps that remove moisture, oxygen, and/or organics with a single trap. Using oxygen and moisture traps for carrier gas extends column life and protects the instrument. Removing hydrocarbons helps improve detector baselines.

Big Universal Traps are one type of inline gas filters Agilent offers for maximum trapping capacity (750 cc). Big Universal Traps utilize a layered bed packing of the highest capacity adsorbent materials to purify the carrier and detector gases to a cumulative level of 100 parts per billion of common contaminates. Install a Big Universal Trap vertically ahead of a Gas Clean Purification System can further maximize trapping capacity and is ideal for bulk purification applications. Besides GC and GC/MS, Agilent also offers big traps for other analytical techniques like LC/MS and ICP-MS.

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