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GC Leak Detector

GC Leak Detector

GC leak detectors are used to detect leaks in the tubing and connections of GC & GC/MS instruments. Laboratories that use expensive high-purity or hazardous gases for operation of GC instruments routinely use leak detectors to prevent safety issues, reduced sensitivity and productivity, and shortened lifetimes of consumables.

The Agilent CrossLab Cartridge System (CS) Electronic GC Leak Detector will detect leaks or verify leak-free tubing and fittings for various gas types, including hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, and others, throughout the lab or site. The design of this new Agilent GC detector is unique on the market. The cartridge design combines the two most critical GC flow path monitoring tasks, including flow rate and leak detection monitoring, into a single hand-held system with the bundle offering. Our leak detectors can also be used for other analytical techniques like LC/MS and ICP-MS.

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