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Intuvo Guard Chips & Jumper Chips

Intuvo Guard Chips & Jumper Chips

An Agilent Intuvo Guard Chip saves time and improves sample throughput by eliminating the need for column trimming. The power of a guard column is harnessed in an innovative metal microfluidic chip. It traps sample residue by providing almost one meter of inert flow path between the inlet liner and the column. With regular replacement, sample contamination never reaches the head of the Intuvo GC column - eliminating the need for column trimming.

The Intuvo Guard Chip is a disposable consumable. To prolong the lifetime of your Intuvo GC column, replace the guard chip at the same frequency as you would typically trim a conventional GC column, or whenever chromatographic performance begins to decline. Replacement is fast, consistent, and simple, minimizing disruption to lab efficiency.

For some ultra-clean applications where a guard chip may not be needed, Intuvo Jumper Chips provide a short, direct flow path. Customers whose typical applications do not require column trimming may be able to use jumper chips. Most customer applications will utilize guard chips rather than jumper ships to ensure column longevity.

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