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Intuvo Flow Chips

Intuvo Flow Chips

Intuvo Flow Chips are modular, microfluidic components that create connections between the inlet, column, and detector(s) without the need for ferrules, and can be easily swapped in minutes. Intuvo Flow Chips comprise high-purity silica flow channels treated with Intuvo Ultra Inert, a third-generation deactivation treatment, to ensure an inert flow path.

All Flow Chips are fitted with Smart Keys that communicate digitally to enable automatic system configuration, which allows Intuvo to help set method parameters specific to its immediate configuration. Complex flow calculators are no longer required, since Intuvo already knows all dimensions, flows, and temperatures throughout the flow path.

The inlet Flow Chip provides a direct connection from the Guard Chip to the column. The D1, D2, and D2-MS Flow Chips provide connections from the column to detector 1, detector 2, or the mass spectrometer, respectively. The remaining Flow Chips combine all the complex connections for capillary flow technology, such as backflush and/or splitting to dual columns/detectors, into a single device. Detector tail Flow Chips directly connect the column to a specific detector.

* Product only compatible with Agilent Intuvo 9000 system

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