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Split/Splitless Inlet Supplies for GC

Capillary inlet shell weldment, p/n G3452-60570

Split/Splitless Inlet Supplies for GC

Split/splitless inlet supplies are GC inlet supplies and accessories designed especially for the Agilent split/splitless inlet, such as the shell weldment and septum nut. Routine maintenance of the split/splitless inlet body, turn-top assembly, and split-vent line hardware, essential to whole system performance and overall uptime.

Agilent’s deactivated capillary weldment and septum injector nut are available for 7800 and 8800 series GCs. The capillary shell weldment is the interface between the injector’s heating block and the sample flow-path. The shell weldment is engineered with precision and coated with Agilent’s proprietary UltiMetal deactivation. An inert flow path minimizes sample adsorption, ensuring accurate and reliable results, avoiding unwanted interactions that can compromise your analysis. The septum nut is a critical component of GC injector hardware that provides an airtight seal at the head of the inlet by securing the pierceable septum material, preventing leaks and minimizing contamination.

Use Agilent SSL inlet supplies in combination with Agilent’s inert flow-path consumables, including bleed temperature optimized or Advanced Green inlet septa, ultra inert inlet liners, deactivated inlet seals, and self-tightening collared nuts for optimal results.

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