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Self-Tightening Column Nuts for GC

Self-Tightening Column Nuts for GC

This unique, stainless steel GC column nut delivers a tight connection – without expensive upgrades or adaptors. An innovative spring-driven piston continuously presses against the short graphite/polyimide ferrule, maintaining a leak-free seal even after hundreds of injections. It is especially well suited for oxygen sensitive detectors, such as MS and ECD. Tight column connections reduce background noise for reliable results – and they save time because you never need to retighten fittings.

Installing a fused silica column can be difficult. From installing the ferrule and column nut, measuring the column depth, and fitting into the instrument, there’s numerous ways to add variation into the results. So we added a locking collar to the next-generation Agilent Self Tightening column nut design, which makes installation easy and reduces the possibility of variation. The locking collar enables you to lock the column in place, for accurate and repeatable installation results, time after time.

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