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Graphite/Vespel Ferrules for GC

Graphite/Vespel Ferrules for GC

Graphite/Vespel ferrules are GC ferrules composed of a 15% graphite and 85% polyimide material by weight, combining the benefits of both compounds. The graphite/Vespel ferrule is nonporous and offers the enhanced wear-resistance and lower friction coefficient of the polyimide ferrule material. Graphite/Vespel ferrules also provide the improved dimensional and anti-oxidation stability of graphite. For this reason, the graphite/Vespel capillary column ferrule is the dominant column ferrule selection for most GC applications.

Agilent graphite/Vespel ferrules are easy to install and can sustain GC inlet/oven temperatures up to 350 °C.

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