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Flexible Metal Ferrules for GC

Flexible Metal Ferrules for GC

Agilent UltiMetal Plus and gold-plated Flexible Metal ferrules are composed of stainless steel and coated to ensure complete inertness. Their unique mechanical design ensures a tight-leak free connection.  Each sized Flexible Metal ferrule is uniquely designed to prevent inventory mixups, and to help you find the ferrule you need quickly.

Put an end to frustration about GC capillary column connections! With the novel design of our proprietary Flexible Metal ferrule, you can confidently make leak free column connections. For inert inlet and detector connections, Agilent recommends using our UltiMetal Plus coated ferrules. While our gold-plated ferrules ensure a tight, leak-free connection with your capillary flow technology (CFT) devices. Thanks to the soft, forming nature of gold, these ferrules prevent microleaks caused by scratches and striations in a used CFT device. These top notch metal ferrules fix the problems of column breakage, leaky connections and damaged fittings experienced with other metal ferrules, while providing key benefits – ease of use and inertness!

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