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Column Nuts for GC

Column Nuts for GC

In gas chromatography, a column nut is a compression fitting used to connect the analytical column to an inlet or detector using a ferrule. As the GC column nut is tightened, the ferrule is compressed between the outer diameter of the column and the base of the inlet, preventing leaks and exposure to ambient air. Standard 1/16 inch GC column nuts are GC column fittings that are universally compatible with most standard capillary column and ferrule configurations. Larger 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch GC nuts and ferrule sets are available for packed column applications.

The Agilent winged GC column nut simplifies capillary column installation and maintenance, and reduces unintentional operator variability. The winged fastener enables easy engagement and removal of the nut without the use of a wrench and requires less torque than a conventional knurled nut to achieve a reliable seal. The low thermal-mass of this GC nut, achieved through its hollow-body design, limits heat-transfer and retention during thermal cycling within the GC oven. A removable compression collar allows for the capillary column to be measured and set at a fixed length prior to installation. Standard inlet/detector and MSD transfer line options are available.

Agilent winged and self-tightening column nuts are a compatible with Agilent's Capillary Column Depth Guide, a versatile template with preset depth measurements for most Agilent inlet/detector options.

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