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Large Valve Oven for GC

8890 GC with Large Valve Oven

Large Valve Oven for GC

The Agilent Large Valve Oven (LVO) for 8890 and 7890B GC systems is a versatile, high-capacity external oven that can be configured to support complex, multi-valve gas chromatography applications. Unlike auxiliary valve ovens from other GC manufacturers, it is mounted on top of the gas chromatograph, optimizing precious laboratory bench space.

Precisely engineered for thermal isolation from the GC oven, the LVO provides a homogeneous isothermal environment that accommodates up to six positions for columns and valves, with convenient open access for maintenance, adjustment, or customization. Accessibility, capacity, and thermal uniformity make the Agilent LVO ideal for performing various ASTM and EN methods on a single gas chromatography platform.

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