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GC Detectors

Detectors for Routine to Advanced GC Applications

Because your gas chromatography methods can be diverse and have specific requirements, Agilent offers a GC detector portfolio that addresses a broad array of applications to meet your needs. Our flame ionization detector (FID) and thermal conductivity detector (TCD) offer unique features and can be used for most applications. Selective detectors can dramatically improve your ability to detect only specific analytes of interest. These include electron capture detector (ECD) for halogenated compounds, nitrogen phosphorus detector (NPD) for nitrogen or phosphorus compounds, and flame photometric detector (FPD) detectors for sulfur and phosphorus compounds. For greater selectivity and sensitivity, specialized chemiluminescence detectors for sulfur and nitrogen are available. Agilent also works with partners to provide a wider range of detection systems to meet specific needs.

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Gas Chromatography Detectors

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