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Sulfur and Nitrosamine Analyzers

Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD)
for GC

Sulfur and Nitrosamine Analyzers

The analysis of sulfur-containing compounds and nitrosamines at low concentrations is critical in quality control and assurance throughout the energy and chemical industry. These compounds are ubiquitous in refinery and petrochemical products and even at concentrations as low as parts-per-billion, can corrode hardware and permanently poison expensive catalysts used in downstream processes, causing financial loss due to contamination and production downtime.

Agilent Sulfur and Nitrosamine Analyzers help manufacturers monitor their processes. Based on our most selective, sensitive detectors, these factory-configured and chemically tested analyzers reliably quantify trace-level sulfur compounds in a wide range of matrices. Choose from standard configurations or custom analyzers designed to meet your specific requirements.

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