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Primary Antibodies (FLEX Ready-to-Use)

Primary Antibodies for Dako Omnis

For Dako Omnis, we offer a dedicated series of high-quality, pre-diluted, ready-to-use (RTU) primary antibodies.

FLEX RTU antibodies are pre-diluted primary antibodies specifically developed for automated use while maintaining the high-quality staining performance that our antibodies are known for.

Each FLEX RTU antibody is accompanied by a validated protocol that is optimized to absorb variations related to pre-analytical factors. This enables a reliable staining performance in various tissue types containing both high and low-expression structures. The antibody specificity and protocol have both been evaluated and approved by external pathology experts.

The GA-Series FLEX RTU Primary Antibodies listed in this section are packaged in Dako Omnis vials for use on Dako Omnis instruments, and can be used only with the EnVision FLEX system for Dako Omnis.