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EnVision FLEX Visualization Systems for Autostainer Link 48

The flexibility and versatility of EnVision FLEX and FLEX+ Visualization Systems make it easier than ever to achieve highly consistent results while still allowing laboratories to tailor a range of complete IHC solutions to meet their unique needs. Interchangeable reagents provide the flexibility necessary to tackle even the most difficult challenges. The streamlined modular kits and single reagents are packaged for convenience and easy to order, making the system extremely versatile and functional.

Our FLEX Ready-to-Use Antibodies (IR-Series) are optimized for the FLEX/FLEX+ Visualization Systems (Link). Simply pick one of the EnVision FLEX kits for Autostainer Link instruments, add any of the single reagents, and you have a powerful IHC visualization solution that is ready to take on the diagnostic challenges in today's pathology laboratory.

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