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Primary Antibodies for Autostainer Link 48

FLEX Ready-to-Use (RTU) antibodies are pre-diluted primary antibodies specifically developed for automated use while maintaining the high-quality staining performance for which Dako antibodies are known. Each FLEX RTU antibody has been developed with focus on delivering a consistent, high-quality staining performance with just one flexible staining protocol. The staining performance of all antibodies has been defined, tested and approved through collaboration with leading international pathologists.

All FLEX RTU antibodies use one flexible protocol to obtain a reliable staining performance in various tissue types with both low and high expression of the protein under evaluation.

The IR-Series FLEX RTU Primary Antibodies listed in this section are packaged in Universal Reagent Vials for use on Autostainer Link instruments, and can only be used with EnVision FLEX and EnVision FLEX+ Visualization Systems.