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Oligo Pro II Systems

Fast purity analysis of ssRNA and ssDNA oligonucleotides

The Oligo Pro II system utilizes UV detection along with parallel capillary electrophoresis to provide single nucleotide resolution and direct assessment of oligonucleotide purity, eliminating the need for intercalating dyes and fluorescent probes. The Oligo Pro II can quickly adjust to demands with either a 12-capillary, 24-capillary or 96-capillary array, while the software automates capillary conditioning, sample injection, electrophoresis separation and data processing.

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Accurate Assessment of Oligonucleotide Purity - Agilent Oligo Pro II System

The Oligo Pro II system couples capillary gel electrophoresis with UV detection to provide high-resolution separations and direct detection of both ssDNA and ssRNA without the sequence and size dependent variations encountered in mass spectrometry or fluorescence-based methods.

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