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Bioanalyzer High Sensitivity DNA Analysis

Bioanalyzer High Sensitivity DNA Analysis


High Sensitivity DNA electrophoresis with the Bioanalyzer system enables improved quality control analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) library smears derived from just a few amplification cycles. Whether fragmented DNA or DNA sequencing libraries, the Bioanalyzer High Sensitivity DNA Kit reliably sizes and quantifies limited samples in the lower pg/µL concentration range.

The High Sensitivity DNA assays are often used for sample quality control for next-generation sequencing libraries. In addition, PCR amplicon analysis, multiplex PCR amplicons, gene expression analysis by RT-PCR, restriction fragment analysis, and detection of targeted cleavage in gene editing studies may all be carried out. Accuracy is ensured with a broad linear dynamic range and normalization to internal markers and ladder.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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