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High Sensitivity DNA Reagent Kit Update

HS DNA Kit Update
Improved performance stability

To further improve product stability, from now on the High Sensitivity DNA markers will be supplied in two glass vials, instead of four plastic vials. The total volume (800 μL) of High Sensitivity DNA markers provided remains unchanged.

In addition, Agilent is reducing the size of the Bioanalyzer reagent boxes to adopt more sustainable packaging. This change will be implemented in a stepwise process, starting with the High Sensitivity DNA kit.

Please be aware that during the process you may receive a mixture of the old and the new reagent kits. The old and new kits have identical reagent compositions.

Old High Sensitivity DNA reagent kit Old HS DNA kit packaging
  • 4 plastic marker vials
  • 200 µl volume each
  • Larger reagent kit box
  • Foam material insert
New High Sensitivity DNA reagent kit New HS DNA kit packaging
  • 2 glass marker vials
  • 400 µl volume each
  • Smaller reagent kit box
  • No foam material insert

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.