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Torches for 5100/5110 & 5800/5900 ICP-OES

One-piece ICP-OES torch for aqueous samples, p/n G8010-60228

Torches for 5100/5110 & 5800/5900 ICP-OES

The Agilent 5100, 5110, 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES torches come in one-piece, semi and fully demountable designs in radial (RV) and dual-view (DV) configurations. The plug-and-play design automatically aligns argon plasma torch and connects the gases for fast start-up and reproducible performance.

The Agilent ICP-OES uses a vertical torch for both RV and DV configurations. Our vertical torch can measure complicated high matrix samples and volatile organic solvents because the vertical orientation reduces matrix or carbon build up on the torch, enabling longer analysis time, reduced torch cleaning, and longer torch lifetime.

The one-piece torch is fused together allowing for simple installation. Semi-demountable torches allow for the removal and replacement of the outer tube set while our new fully demountable torch has a removable injector and outer tube set to simplify maintenance and allow for quick changeover for diverse sample matrices.

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