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Outer Tube-Sets for Semi & Fully Demountable Torches

Outer Tube-Sets for Semi & Fully Demountable Torches

Agilent outer tube sets for ICP-OES semi demountable and fully demountable torches are guaranteed to fit with Agilent torches. Outer tube sets are available in radial view, axial view, or dual view (with slit) configurations.

The new organics outer tube set for the Agilent 5000 series is made from high-purity quartz with fewer impurities and better resistance to cracking. This organics outer tube-set is compatible with all semi and fully demountable 5100/5110 and 5800/5900 ICP-OES torches. The high purity quartz organics tube set is available in RV (no slit) and DV (with slit) configurations.

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