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ICP-OES Sample Loops

ICP-OES Sample Loops

ICP-OES sample loops are used in conjunction with a switching valve to fill and hold a fixed sample volume for analysis. The loop is filled during the rinse cycle, improving sample throughput and reducing component wear with high matrix samples.

Agilent ICP-OES sample loops for ADS 2, AVS 4/6/7, and SVS 1/2/2+ are available in different sizes to suit specific application needs. Agilent ICP-OES switching valve sample loops are offered with volumes ranging from 0.25 mL to 3.50 mL. ICP-OES sample loops for the ADS 2 autodilutor have volumes ranging from 0.50 mL to 3.00 mL, and each has a 1.00 mm internal diameter. Every loop is labeled for easy identification.

The AVS 6/7 comes with a 1 mL volume loop as standard. With bubble injection, this loop volume provides up to 47 seconds of measurement time. Larger loops can be used when additional analysis time is required, while smaller loops can be used to further enhance sample throughput with reduced uptake delays and shorter rinse times.

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