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Spray Chambers for ICP-OES

Spray Chambers for ICP-OES

An ICP-OES spray chamber is a fundamental component of the sample introduction system used with ICP-OES instruments. The internal baffle and the cyclonic action of the double pass spray chamber filters the larger droplets from the aerosol generated by the nebulizer and drains these to waste. The ICP-OES spray chamber then transfers the fine droplets into the plasma, located in the ICP-OES torch, for desolvation and excitation. This ensures consistent sample introduction for optimal sensitivity and robust performance.

Agilent ICP-OES systems use a borosilicate glass cyclonic double pass spray chamber (sometimes called a pyrex chamber) with an inert nebulizer adaptor as standard. The double pass glass cyclonic spray chamber is recommended for use with organic and high TDS samples. Select a single pass glass cyclonic spray chamber for signal stability, precision and improved sensitivity with excellent washout for low matrix samples.

The Agilent inert ICP-OES spray chamber is a polymer cyclonic spray chamber with a removable baffle, which can be used flexibly in either single or double pass configuration. It features a durable sandblasted internal finish for improved washout and is ideal for more complex matrices, such as HF acid digests, high TDS, and organic wear metal samples.

The temperature-controlled IsoMist spray chamber is best for volatile organic solvents, as it uses Peltier cooling of the glass cyclonic spray chamber to reduce solvent loading in the plasma, enabling direct analysis and ensuring better long term stability.

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