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Nebulizers for ICP-OES

Nebulizers for ICP-OES

ICP-OES nebulizers use a stream of high velocity argon gas to break up the liquid sample and produce a fine aerosol. The fine droplets are then delivered into spray chamber and then plasma. Agilent nebulizers have tight specifications for the best signal intensity and optimum signal-to-noise.

Agilent offers a variety of ICP-OES nebulizers for different applications. Using the right ICP-OES nebulizer will ensure you achieve the optimum performance and reduce your risk of blockage and unplanned downtime.

The Seaspray glass concentric nebulizer comes standard on the ICP-OES instrument.

The OneNeb Series 2 nebulizer is a universal, high-efficiency nebulizer offering superior performance with ICP-OES instruments. Based on flow-blurring nebulization technology, the nebulizer provides improved sensitivity, precision, and greater tolerance to dissolved solids. The inert construction makes the OneNeb capable to handle most ICP-OES sample matrices including strong acids including HF.

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