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Argon Gas & Air Inlet Filters for ICP-OES

Argon Gas & Air Inlet Filters for ICP-OES

Agilent high-performance gas purifiers are designed to optimize ICP-OES system performance. Cartridges remove impurity gases, moisture, and hydrocarbons from ICP-OES gas supplies. The ICP-OES air inlet filter protects the instrument from debris and particles in the lab environment from entering the system.

Replacement reminder tags ensure sensitivity and results aren’t impacted for optimal sensitivity and results. Agilent gas purifying cartridges for ICP-OES are a cost-effective safety and preventative measure to assure the supply of the highest purity gas to your ICP-OES instrumentation. (Need to Add About the Air Inlet Filters maybe up higher?*) Air inlet filter captures laboratory dust and debris to protect and prolong the instrument.

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